Wheezal Liquid specialties are complex (Formulation) products which require complete miscibility of ingredients, correct pH and precise conditions of temperature and optimum agitation for than manufacture. At Wheezal special care is taken to confirm to all parameters with precisions.

Our special attention is paid to the specification and quality of the syrup/ invert sugar and the water used in the formulation. All liquid specialties of Wheezal are microbiologically tested to ensure that no adverse development regarding quality will take place while the product is in storage or in use.


We would not be exaggerating if we state that manufacturing of liquid combined formulation specialties is much more difficult than the manufacture of mother tinctures and dilutions.

If the Homoeopathic liquid specialties are manufactured without taking into consideration correct temperature pH and Homogenous ingredient then the chance of sediments, heterogeneous and product are bound to occur.

When two ingredients are combined one has to be sure that the two or more product proposed to be combined will form a Homogenous mass mixture. One has to determine what pH the two ingredients used really mix and form a continuous chain of molecules.

Likewise, one has to determine the exact temperature at which the two or more ingredients will mix homogeneously.


  • Proven clinical efficacy.
  • Invidious combination.
  • Wide range
  • Completely automated manufacturing.


Through Homoeopathy one can gradually and permanently overcome chronic and lifelong Physiological and Psychological Ailments as well as obstacles that have not yielded to any other therapeutics approach. Thus Homoeopathy is more than a substitute for medical intervention.

Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body ability to heal itself by giving very small doses of highly potentised substances. The correct Homoeopathic Medicine encourage the innate healing tendency of the body very gently.

Homeopathy is always more effective. Where the common practice is powerless. The mendicants are skillfully administered, cure the greater portion of the ills to which mankind is exposed.

All Homoeopathic (medicines) Remedies are proved on healthy human being to know complete drug picture and proving of symptoms with the pathogenesis.


The technological and scientific advancements have made life more easy and comfortable but they have also added more stress. Human being seen to be losing out a quality of life due to ravage of disease and an ever demanding work routine. Science may have found new and better answers for these ailments but what is required is increased resistance to fight disease so as to involve a healthier community and produce stronger generation.

Health and sickness are two facts of life. Every second of life one is exposed to external influences which may effect our health. We eat we breathe, we move, any step can go wrong somewhere and trigger illness beside the horde of infectious agents waiting for our immunity to falter so that they an attack. Dr. Farokh J Master’s WL Drops formulations for most common complaints encountered in our day to day life.

Unique Qualities Of Wheezal WL-drops

  • The latest development in our research and are the answer to the so-called ailments of modern civilization.
  • Our WL-Drops have been prepared, taking into consideration the most important symptoms of a  given condition and may, therefore, be used with utmost confidence in accordance with latest indications.
  • The secret of the efficacy of WL-Drops lies in there carefully selected composition in accordance with the principles of Homoeopathy.
  • Only extra neutral Alcohol is used.
  • Completely automatic filling and packing lines include personnel from contact with the product and thus make hygienic fault free drugs possible.