The efficacy of ointments depends not only upon the use of genuine raw materials but also the following:-

a) The efficacious and controlled rate of absorption of the active ingredient in the ointment through the skin.

b) Accurate manufacturing procedure to ensure the uniform and homogeneous distribution of the active ingredient in every portion of the ointment.

For prolonged absorption and for weeping lesions the medium of ‘Cream’ becomes essential.

Thus we have a range of ointments pertaining to the myriad of Ailments, viz;



LANOLIN: derived from the wool of the sheep, this fat like substance is often found to be adulterated. Wheezal has thus established only one trusted supplier for this imported raw material.

 BEES-WAX: Bees Wax, due to its very high cost and also frequent adulteration, leads to its limited use by the manufactures. Thus Wheezal has shortlisted only 2 suppliers of this important raw material whose purity is checked again by in house testing methods.

 WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY: Wheezal procures it directly from the manufacturer to ensure purity. It is essentially micro-crystalline wax, with specification of this jelly as per British/Indian Pharmacopoeia.

LIQUID PARAFFIN HEAVY (LPH):  Having I.P specification for pharma grade LPH, Wheezal ensures only pure LPH by the trusted suppliers.


Wheezal uses the most advanced special homogenizer to make sure of uniform and homogeneous dispersion of the active ingredients in every portion of the ointment.

Since the active ingredient in the Wheezal’s range of ointments varies between 4 to 10%, thus these active ingredients should be “Pure & Perfect”, with a uniform presence in the ointment.

Thus these factors make wheezal’s ointments of the world class quality in the market with:

Uniform distribution of the active ingredient in every part of the ointment.

A very controlled rate of absorption. Thus Wheezal’s motto is

 “ Quality you can trust”.