Wheezal also makes a range of personal care products like glow bright soaps, creams, shampoo, hair treatments, skin care, hair care, dental care etc.

Which contains all the goodness of the herbs and harmless even on long use.

Wheezal conducts research in developing a new combination of herbals extracts and chemicals which can offer new benefits to the consumers (users).

Wheezal Jaborandi Hair Oil

  • Unmatched Hair tonic for that extra sheen & longevity.
  • Regular use stimulates circulation consolidates hair roots and prevents their premature fall.
  • Nourishes scalps and controls dandruff by limiting sunburn production.
  • Shields Hair from U/V damage and rejuvenates then.
  • No artificial colours are used in the oils so as to preserve the texture and natural colour of hair.
  • Easy use and completely herbal constituents make it safe for use in children without harmful effects.
  • It helps remove dandruff, checks premature graying and falling of hair besides providing total nourishment for healthy growth of hair.