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September 3, 2021
MEL-X, Melasma Cream
March 4, 2022

Melasma Face Wash


MEL-X (Anti Melasma) face wash is a rich homoeo formulation which is exclusively designed for patients suffering from Melasma related problems. It helps to exfoliate the pigmentation and brings back the natural glow and clear skin. It is also helpful in signs of premature ageing and sunburn.


Each 1 ml Contains
Aloe Vera Q 0.05%, Berberis Aquifolium Q 0.03%, Calendula Officinalis Q 0.05%, Curcuma Longa Q 0.05%, Ocimum Sanctum Q 0.05%, Santalum Album Q 0.05%, Thuja Occidentalis Q 0.15%, Cleanser Base QS to 100%, Alcohol Content 2.58 w/v.

Take a coin-sized amount of MEL-X (Anti Melasma) Face Wash in your palm, mix it with water forming rich lather. Massage on the face with light hands and wash off with fresh water. Use twice daily or as prescribed by the Physician. Usage of Mel-X Cream & Tablets is also advised for better results.


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